School’s Out, School’s In

by Sandi Cimino, World Class Coaches®

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The final chapter of the school year has been put to bed and millions of kids are basking in the glow of summer vacation.  Summer is also a time when many families move or relocate as it provides some extra transition time for kids.  One of the biggest concerns for school-age kids who are moving is leaving friends behind and having to make new ones.  When you are moving with school-aged kids, summer might just be the perfect time to practice the skills needed to make new friends, thereby reducing the stress kids face when moving.

We knowingly and unknowingly role-model social skills to our children every day in how we interact with them, other families members and our significant other.  We show them how to treat people by how WE treat people.

Kids also need to know why they, themselves are a great friend.  Talk to your kids about what makes them a great friend and what qualities they appreciate in their friends.  (Try these conversation starters to get you going.)  Brainstorm how they can sleuth out those qualities to find new friends.  And practice conversations with them – how to introduce yourself, asking questions to get to know someone, making eye contact, etc. 

To help get you on the right track, here’s a great printable from on Making Friends.  And for more great tips on helping kids make friends, click here.

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