Sailing the Seven C’s – Building Resilience

by Sandi Cimino, World Class Coaches®

 The concept of resilience is not a new concept but there is now doubt in recent years it is a topic that is gaining traction.  With children and their families experiencing so much change and transition, resilience has been identified as a key, if not THE key in counteracting the negative effects of change and transition.  But resilience can be tricky.  We don’t truly know if we or others close to us are truly resilient until we are faced with challenges.  Most of what we know about resilience has been learned by studying those who have come out on the other side bent but not broken.  Dr. Kenneth Ginsburg has identified seven ways to build resilience.  (Click here for the full article and click this link to a Resilience Guide for Parents and Teachers from the American Psychological Association.) 

1.      Competence-children need to feel competent in what they are doing, especially after they fail.

2.      Confidence-children need to be confident in their skills and the support systems around them.

3.      Connection – children need to feel connected: to their family, to their school, to their community.

4.      Character – children need an understanding of right and wrong – a moral compass.

5.      Contribution – children need to contribute and feel a sense of contribution to something larger than themselves.

6.      Coping – children need a variety of positive coping strategies that enable them to deal with problems before they become crises.

7.      Control – children need a healthy sense of control over their lives that helps them develop responsibility.

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